What is the best way to share and show

the values, the wishes and goals

who gave birth to this adventure?

«we’ll begin with telling you the story of those who, after being a student,
have continued to live this adventure for more than 10 years.»

One of the recurring elements of the stories born in Lecco is the presence of “… that branch of Lake Como that turns towards noon”.
This story begins one summer afternoon when Luca, Celeste and Cecilia decide to put together their strengths and skills, a little dissatisfaction, and a great will start a new adventure. Graphus was born in 2010: it is a job. But, first of all, it is their family.

Graphus - graphics, printing and preparations in Lecco and Como
Graphus - grafica, stampa e allestimenti a Lecco e Como

Today, the requests are becoming more and more customized: short runs or even single pieces, very high printing quality, refined finishes, special formats and processes.
Graphus is not only traditional way digital printing, but also innovative techniques, combined with artisan skills, in order to create unique products in contrast to the standardization of online printing.

«We have always tried to focus on local businesses, with whom we have built professional ties, as well as human relationships. The real treasure is always doing our best, to satisfy customers who appreciate it.»