Books, catalogues

We bind paper materials: from simple spiral to hardcover bindings (Classic, Bodonian, Swiss and Japanese). We offer a wide range of binding, with screws or rings, which are particularly suitable for those who need to update internal files regularly. We combine our craftsmanship with innovative techniques, to be able to create unique products, even in single pieces.

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With classic finishes (silk, canvas, synthetic leather) or customized, we offer a printing service even in 24 hours.

Metallic spiral

We bind up to A2 format, spiral available in steel, white or black.


It consists in joining the pages with glue to create books, portfolios, or magazines.

Binding with rings

Openable binding with rings, for those who need to independently update the internal sheets.

Binding with button

Binding that can be opened with screws, often used for making sample books.

Japanese binding

Characterized by the presence of the binding thread on the back and on the front.


Book with hardcover cover, customizable in both formats and finishes.

Semi-rigid cover

Book with “moleskine style” flexible cover, customizable in both dimensions and finishes.


Tailored to your needs, also usable as menus and samples.

Boxes and storage units

Boxes, containers, cases; we create unique pieces or small runs.

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