Weddings and ceremonies

Our mission is to make each wedding personalized and unique. A wedding like no others.
We take care of the realization of many aspects of your ceremony.
We have a selection of samples produced in the past, in different materials and items. However, our aim is creating for each couple unique products, so that each project is different from the others.
Long story short, we do everything we can to exalt your ideas to the max and make them even more special, while keeping them unique and sewn “ad-hoc” on the couple.

Do you have a project in mind and are you looking for who can help you make it happen?
Request a quote and we will be happy to offer you our creative solutions.


Wedding invitations

We help you create the right invitation that anticipates the theme and atmosphere of your wedding.


Classic customizable with or without window, in mixed sizes and various colors, finishes to match your prints.

Sealing wax

If you have good dexterity and want to enhance your invitations with a touch of classicism, we can provide you with this product

Dry stamps

They can be used to stamp seals or to characterize holdings or certificates with a watermark-like effect.

Service books

It is a way to involve your guests during the ceremony. Whether religious or civil, we can help you with valuable information.

Matching sets for table

Keep the same style and atmosphere during these unforgettable days, from the ceremony to the meal.

Tableu mariage

To help guests find their seat during the reception, we help you by making the famous “tableau de marriage”.

Cake topper

Give a boost to your already fantastic cake with our cake toppers, especially designed for you, in plexiglass or wood

Wedding favor cards

Combined with the matching sets of the ceremony and tailor-made, they give a better look to each wedding favor.


They are suitable for use on bottles, jars, jars, boxes, bags, packs, or package closers. Printed on a white or transparent base.

Hen/bachelor/birthday party shirts

Celebrate and party with our t-shirts printed according to your craziest ideas, perfect for wowing everyone.

Do you have an idea but you don’t know if it is achievable?
Ask us for advice and we will help you make it happen.

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