Labels and stickers

We offer a wide range of adhesives made in small and large formats, treated ad-hoc for every requirement. You can customize the format, the material, the dimensions and the quantities, we can do even single piece and short runs! Monochromatic films can be simply shaped to create pre-spaced adhesives; multi-color stickers can be printed on a white or transparent base and sometimes coupled with a lamination that increases their resistance to abrasion and atmospheric agents.
We use certified films for application on irregular surfaces and for shielding glass with a sandblasted effect.
All requests are studied and tailor-made according to customer’s needs, selecting the most suitable materials.

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Printed and shaped labels

Suitable for use on bottles, jars, jars, boxes, bags, packs or as package closers, they’re printed on a white or transparent base.


Large format PVC stickers specially treated for outdoor application on flat surfaces. We also offer the application/installation service.

Pre-spaced adhesives

Monochromatic PVC stickers made in small and large format, for the most varied uses.

Sales stikers

Stickers for special events such as promotional periods (for example Black Friday) or sales. Made to measure and personalized for your business.

Stickers for means of transport

Car-specific stickers made of approved materials (but also suitable for motorcycles, boats or work vehicles). For flat or curved surfaces.

Wall stickers

For decoration of rooms, these adhesives are highly conformable and characterized by specific adhesives for application on wall supports.

Walkable adhesives

Anti-slip sandblasted effect adhesive specifically designed for indoor floor applications (R9 rating according to DIN 51130).

Satin stickers

The ideal solution for decorations on glass or suitable to screen the view and safeguard privacy.

One-way stickers

If applied on glass, the micro-perforated film allows you to see only in one direction.

Blackout films

When you need to protect yourself from the sunshine or from prying eyes, this is the right solution.

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